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What is Clikalia?

Clikalia is a Spanish proptech startup and iBuyer (or instant buyer) that uses technology to digitize the home selling process and transform the customer experience. The company is known for its propriety technology and digital marketplace, where sellers get offers on their property within 24 hours.

How fast is Clikalia growing in popularity?

El interés en Clikalia creció un 145% durante el año pasado, en comparación con el año anterior, lo que lo ubica en un volumen actual de 5.1K búsquedas por mes, a partir del mes pasado.

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Desglose de canales

Clikalia is talked about more on TikTok than any other social media channel. This may be due to the fact that the app is designed for making and sharing short videos, which is well-suited for the type of content Clikalia produces.