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Google Trends

See actual search volume, trend trajectories, people-also-search data, and more.

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Top companies use Glimpse
to see around the corner


Search Volume

Absolute search volume numbers rather than just a 0-100 index

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Longtail Searches

See what consumers are searching alongside the keyword you searched

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Set alerts on potential trends so you don’t miss out when they explode

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Channel Breakdown

Understand exactly where a topic is buzzing

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See the true trajectory, with seasonality and noise removed

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Topic Map

Visualize related topics based on Glimpse’s knowledge graph

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See the highest volume and fastest growing brands for a given product

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Search is the world’s
most valuable dataset

Glimpse makes it even more valuable


4B Global Users: World’s largest single userbase


Searches are a direct line into users thoughts.

Leading Edge

Trends often show up earlier than other channels

Minimum Bias

Usage across demographics makes it uniquely unbiased

Even Google’s Insights
Team uses Glimpse

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“Glimpse helps us uncover the trends we didn’t spot.”

Henri Bugnet
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Henri Bugnet
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