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Glimpse analyzes hundreds of millions of consumer behavior signals from across the web to surface the most important and fastest growing trends that are under the radar, including products, companies, and industries.

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  • Launch products just before they go viral

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  • Stay in touch with the world beyond your bubble

  • Understand the marketing tactics of today's viral trends

Who uses Glimpse?

Neil Parikh

“Glimpse is amazing. A great way to learn about all the things we should have been working on 2 years ago.”

David Pakman
Partner, Venrock

“Glimpse is fact. You can't argue with it. It usually validates a trend we had been watching and sometimes helps us learn about new consumer activities or passions that hadn't yet hit our radar.”

We help product R&D teams figure out the next thing

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  • How much bigger will these categories get?
  • Which growing markets should we pay attention to?

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