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White Tea Shot

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A white tea shot is an alcoholic beverage that is typically made with white tea extract, gin, and lime or other citrus fruit juice. The tea is brewed and then strained and served in a shot glass.


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Maraschino is a type of cherry that is typically used in cocktails and desserts. The cherries are soaked in a brine made from marasca cherries, sugar, and water. The cherries are then often dyed red or green and flavored with almond, vanilla, or citrus.

Ice Tropez

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Ice Tropez is a unique wine glass that is designed to keep white wine cold for an extended period of time. The glass has a double-wall construction that uses air to keep the wine cold. The glass is also stemless and lightweight, making it easy to transport and enjoy.

Paper Plane Cocktail

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A paper plane cocktail is an equal parts drink made with lemon juice, bourbon, Amaro Nonino, and Aperol. The drink was invented in 2008 by the famous bartender Sam Ross.

Ranch Water

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Ranch Water is a popular cocktail in Texas that is made with tequila, lime juice, and sparkling water. The drink is meant to provide a low-calorie alternative to other alcoholic drinks.

Alcohol Gummies

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Alcohol Gummies are gummy bears that are made with alcohol. The gummies come in a variety of flavors and are meant to be consumed as a party game or as a way to get drunk.

Zero Alcohol Wine

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Zero Alcohol Wine is wine that has had the alcohol removed. The wine is made by using a process that either removes the alcohol during the fermentation process or by using a vacuum to remove the alcohol after the wine is bottled.

Limoncello Spritz

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A Limoncello Spritz is a cocktail that is made with limoncello, sparkling water, and a splash of club soda. The drink is light, refreshing, and perfect for summertime sipping.

Mexican Candy Shot

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Mexican candy shots are a type of alcoholic drink made by mixing fruity cocktails and tequila with sweet and spicy flavors and then serving them in shot glasses.


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Makgeolli is a traditional Korean rice wine that is made from fermented rice and nuruk, a type of yeast. The wine is cloudy and has a sweet and sour taste. It is often served cold and is considered to be a health drink.

Hard Seltzer

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Hard seltzers are a type of alcoholic drink that is made with carbonated water and flavored with fruit, herbs, or spices. The drinks are often seen as a healthier alternative to other alcoholic beverages, as they are lower in calories and sugar.

Bumbu Rum

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Bumbu Rum is a craft rum made in Indonesia. The rum is distilled from sugarcane and then infused with a variety of spices, fruits, and other flavors. The rum is meant to be enjoyed neat or in cocktails.

Mango Mule

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A Mango Mule is a cocktail made with vodka, mango puree, lime juice, and ginger beer. The drink is served in a copper mug and is garnished with a slice of mango and a sprig of mint.

Reposado Tequila

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Reposado Tequila is tequila that has been aged for a minimum of two months but less than a year in oak barrels. The tequila takes on a golden color and a mellower flavor than unaged tequila.

Strong Zero

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Strong Zero is a weight loss supplement that is made up of a blend of Garcinia Cambogia, Green Tea Extract, and Raspberry Ketones. The supplement is designed to help boost metabolism, burn fat, and suppress appetite.


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Soju is a distilled beverage that is popular in South Korea. It is made from rice, barley, or sweet potatoes and is typically around 20% alcohol by volume. Soju is often consumed neat or mixed with other drinks.

Hazy IPA

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Hazy IPAs are a newer style of IPA that is cloudy or murky in appearance. The beer is made with a large amount of wheat and is often served unfiltered. The flavor is typically fruity and juicy with a moderate bitterness.

Non Alcoholic Beer

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Non-alcoholic beer is beer that has been brewed to have a lower alcohol content than regular beer. The beer is made by removing the alcohol from regular beer during the brewing process. Non-alcoholic beer is often favored by people who are not allowed to drink alcohol, such as pregnant women or people who are driving.

The Rise of Alcohol Gummies

DIY Alcohol gummies have been a party hack for decades, but they take 24 hours to prep. The pre-packaged alcohol gummies category, still in its infancy, is now taking off and has strong potential to become a much larger category.

Evolving party dynamics are, in part, driving the growth of alcohol gummies: Party-goers increasingly have one hand occupied with their phone and card-based party games are getting more and more common.

Hosts also say taking drinks out of the equation is an easy way to avoid spills and makes them more comfortable leaving expensive furniture uncovered. A product that makes a consumer more likely to host parties and to use that product at the parties has a natural built-in viral loop.

Any time a snack is convenient to eat but inconvenient to prepare, there's an opportunity for a brand to offer a pre-packaged version. While there’s only a single brand selling alcohol gummies now, along with a handful of Etsy sellers, we expect the category to grow significantly.

The growing popularity of the world's most consumed alcohol: Soju

The single most consumed liquor brand on the planet isn’t a whiskey, vodka, rum, or gin; It’s Soju. This Korean drink owes its popularity to several factors: second-order consequences of some unique legal issues, Korea’s drinking culture, and, more recently, the rise of Korean music and cinema.

In the US, liquor laws give Soju a boost. Because of its low alcohol content, it can be sold at restaurants that have a beer and wine license but no liquor license, which often costs more. And because it’s usually consumed in shots, it’s a popular substitute for liquor.

Historically, one early reason for Soju’s success is the Korean industrial development model. In the 60s and 70s, the Korean government offered multiple businesses in the same industry access to below-market-rate loans to support their growth. When an industry went through a downturn, the government encouraged the stronger players to buy out weaker ones, putting the best management in charge of the entire industry. The government applied this model to cars, chemicals, electronics—and liquor, creating the massive Hite Jinro beverage conglomerate.

In Soju’s home market of Korea, the beverage benefits from a liquor-first drinking culture. Korea’s liquor consumption is the highest in the world, at an average of almost 14 shots per adult per week, compared to roughly 6 in Russia.

More recently, Soju has benefited from Korea’s cultural moment. The rise of K-pop and the growing success of Korean movies internationally has renewed interest in Korean culture, and Soju—rarely seen in music videos but ubiquitous in Korean TV dramas—is one more way to experience it. And unlike some other forms of content-driven consumption, the revenue from selling them scales as people get more involved in the trend.

Non-Alcoholic Alcohol

Like sober bars and 0% ABV beer, the rise of non-alcoholic gin highlights an important facet of the growing “sober curious” movement: Most people don’t want to have to stop socializing in bars or drinking their favorite cocktails — they just want to do so without the effects of alcohol.

Non-alcoholic gin brands like Ceder’s and Seedlip position their products as “gin alternatives” better suited to grown-up drinks than the fruity mocktails of decades past. With their sleek branding and sophisticated ingredients, they’re also able to maintain a similar premium price point to alcoholic gin.

As in the case of the company Athletic Brewing, the business models that are gaining the most traction are those that allow consumers to maintain some of their old habits while shifting their consumption in meaningful ways.

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