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The Top 10 Google Trends Alternatives in 2023

Google Trends is great but it often isn't enough. Here are 10 free alternatives to Google Trends that we use on a daily basis. When compiling this list of alternatives to Google Trends, we considered everything from data accuracy and coverage, to usability and price. We also took into account user reviews and have included the tools voted as the best overall Google Trends alternatives, including Google Ngram, Semrush, Pinterest Trends, SimilarWeb, and more. 1. Google Trends Supercharged We bu

The Best Alternatives to Answer the Public in 2023

Answer the Public is a solid tool but it's very pricey at $99/mo, especially considering that it only provides some of the longtail keywords, not all of them. Luckily there are several free alternatives, including ones that provide the full list of longtail keywords and questions for any given topic so you can effectively gain insight into what your target audience is searching for online. Glimpse Glimpse is the top free alternative to Answer the Public. From having more keyword data, to the

Google Trends FAQ

What does “interest over time” mean in Google Trends? Interest over time in Google Trends just means searches over time. Google calls it interest over time rather than searches over time because technically the graph data is normalized from 0 to 100, so it shows relative interest over time. What does "breakout" mean in Google Trends? Breakout in Google Trends means infinite growth. For example, if a keyword's search volume goes from 0 in May to 10,000 monthly searches in June, the search ter

How to See Absolute Search Volume in Google Trends

Google Trends, by default, doesn’t show absolute search volume. To get search volume data overlayed in Google Trends, install the Google Trends Supercharged Chrome extension. Below we cover why Google Trends doesn't show absolute volume by default, how you can still get it, and other common questions about Google Trends search volume. How to see the number of searches in Google Trends To see the actual search volume for any keyword in Google Trends, you’ll need to install the Google Trends S

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