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Pet Friendly Airbnb

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What is a Pet Friendly Airbnb?

A pet friendly Airbnb is an Airbnb listing that is open to guests who are traveling with their pets. This can include anything from a listing that has a designated pet-friendly room or area to a listing that is pet-friendly throughout. These listings may have specific rules or restrictions about the type and size of pets that are allowed, and some may charge an additional fee for guests with pets.

How fast are Pet Friendly Airbnbs growing in popularity?

Interest in Pet Friendly Airbnb grew 36% over the past year, compared to the year before, putting it at a current volume of 26K searches per month, as of last month.

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Channel Breakdown

Pet Friendly Airbnb content is most popular on TikTok, a channel where there is a large, engaged audience of pet enthusiasts and people who are more likely to be exploring new trends.