Top Makeup & Cosmetic Trends of 2024

Here are the current makeup & cosmetic trends of 2024, found using our software tool and selected based on their growth and global popularity across sites like Google, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and more. These are not fads, such as new movies or social media challenges – rather they’re long-term global makeup & cosmetic trends that are likely to see continued growth throughout 2024. We’ve also included our analysis on these new emerging trends below.

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Russian Manicure

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The Russian Manicure is a type of nail art that is characterized by using a matte top coat over a glossy nail polish. The look was made popular by Russian social media stars, and has since gained popularity in other parts of the world. …  Read more

Skin Tint

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A skin tint is a type of foundation that is designed to give the skin a natural-looking tint. The tint is meant to even out the skin tone and cover up minor blemishes. Skin tints often come in light, medium, and dark shades to match a variety of skin tones. …  Read more

Lip Oil

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Lip oil is a type of oil that is meant to be applied to the lips for moisturization. The oil is often made with natural ingredients such as coconut oil, vitamin E, and shea butter, and can be used alone or over lipstick. …  Read more

Nano Brows

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Nano brows are a type of eyebrow treatment that uses a tiny blade to create very thin and precise hair-like strokes. The treatment is said to be long-lasting and give a more natural look than other brow treatments. …  Read more

Serum For Dark Spots

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Serum for dark spots is a type of serum that is meant to be applied to the skin to help lighten dark spots. The serum is often made with ingredients such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, and vitamin C which are known to be effective in fading dark spots. …  Read more

Blush Stick

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A blush stick is a type of blush that is in the form of a stick. The blush is applied directly to the cheeks to create a natural-looking blush, and is said to be easy to use and long-wearing. …  Read more

Liquid Blush

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Liquid blush or cream blush is a type of blush that is applied with a brush and is meant to give a natural-looking flush to the cheeks. It lasts much longer and blends more easily into the skin than powder blush. …  Read more

Gel X Nails

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Gel X nails are a type of artificial nail that is made from a gel material. The nails are applied by a professional and are said to be more durable and natural-looking than traditional acrylic nails. …  Read more

Tanning Drops

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Tanning Drops are a new product that is designed to allow for a gradual and even tan. The drops are said to be easy to apply and to create a natural looking tan. …  Read more

Lip Flip

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Lip Flip is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that is meant to make the lips appear fuller and poutier. The procedure is achieved by injecting Botox into the top lip to help define the cupid bow and provide the desired lip shape. …  Read more

Lash Shampoo

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Lash shampoo is a type of shampoo that is designed to cleanse and condition the lashes. The shampoo is meant to remove mascara, eyeliner, and other eye makeup products. It is also meant to add moisture and nutrients to the lashes to help them grow and stay healthy. …  Read more

Wispy Lashes

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Wispy lashes are a type of eyelash that is thin and light in weight. They are often used to create a natural look and are popular among people who want to avoid a dramatic look. …  Read more

Lip Serum

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Lip serum is a type of makeup product that is meant to be applied to the lips. The serum is said to moisturize and protect the lips, as well as improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines. …  Read more

Makeup Fixer

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A makeup fixer is a product that is meant to be used after makeup is applied in order to set the makeup and prolong its wear. The fixer is often a spray that helps to keep the makeup from smudging or fading. …  Read more

Hydrating Concealer

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A hydrating concealer is a type of concealer that is designed to hydrate the skin while hiding blemishes and dark circles. The concealer is typically made with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 that help to nourish and hydrate the skin. …  Read more

Trend Highlight – Why Bronzing Drops Are So Popular

Consumers are increasingly able to avoid embarrassment. We can now get drugs online without facing a doctor, work out online without being seen in the gym, and ask someone out online without leaving our house.


Meanwhile, terms like "gym anxiety" have exploded in popularity with over 9B views on TikTok: gyms are a wide open space with lots of mirrors and many opportunities to do the wrong thing, or simply to get unwanted attention.


Tanning is the latest place some consumers are feeling more anxious. They don’t want to get caught at a tanning salon because some increasingly see it as “cheating” and unhealthy. In fact, the U.S. government also doesn’t want consumers going to tanning salons. Similar to cigarettes, the U.S. government instituted a 10% tax on all tanning salon revenue as a result of the health ties to cancer, partly as a way to discourage usage.


There’s also increasing concern about being seen at tanning salons, as more and more beauty salons try to post photos of their clients on their social media pages. Thousands of threads on Reddit and other forums center around how salons increasingly take photos of clients, for marketing purposes, without asking. Others offer a discount in exchange for letting them take before and after photos.


Home tanning solutions are consequently on the rise and bronzing drops, a cosmetics that’s like a temporary facial tan, are surging in popularity and sales.

Trend Highlight – The Massive Lash Industry & The Rise of Lash Lifts

Mascara sales are declining as younger brands that cannot climb over the high hurdle to produce the product are launching overlapping products in an attempt to get their share of the global eyelash market.

At $8.1B in 2017 sales, the mascara category is the largest in beauty and represents 4% of spend. Despite the huge opportunity, R&D to create mascara is extremely expensive and time consuming, well beyond the capability of new companies. Glossier took 3.5 years to launch their mascara product, taking 248 formulations to get it right. Even Kylie Cosmetics, one of the fastest growing beauty brands in history, took four years to launch their first mascara product.

Rather than avoiding eyelashes altogether, younger brands are pushing products like lash lifts, lash tinting, and the better-known lash extensions.

With lash lifts, the eyelashes are set curled up for 10 minutes. The glue is then removed and the eyelashes stay bent upward for up to 6 weeks, removing the friction for consumers who would otherwise apply mascara every day as part of their morning routine. They also can achieve a natural look by avoiding product in their eyelashes.

As with any industry, changes in consumer behavior create new product opportunities - searches for "oil free mascara" (compatible with lash extensions) are also gradually growing.

Trend Highlight – The Increasing Popularity of Lash Technicians

The rising interest in becoming a lash technician in beauty salons (a "lash tech") highlights that, as with any trend, there comes a full range of related businesses that can rise out of it.


When, for example, Americans started getting into yoga en masse years ago, savvy entrepreneurs could get into the market by dropshipping yoga mats, selling yoga e-books, or launching certification programs for yoga instructors, among countless other businesses.


With interest in eyelash treatments such as lash lifts, lash tints, and lash extensions soaring 32% year-over-year within the beauty industry, new companies are stepping up to provide these services, creating more demand for lash techs — and certification classes — in the process. This expansion is also helped by the fact that the category's main competitor, mascara, is difficult and expensive to produce, prompting some younger cosmetics brands to avoid it entirely.


The decline of mascara and growth of eyelash treatments and false lashes can be largely traced back to social media, where long, flawless lashes are the norm among beauty influencers and celebrities. To achieve the same look (and avoid the mess of mascara), consumers are willing to pay upwards of $100 per month for professional lash extensions. When they do, they also become walking billboards for the service, potentially inspiring friends and followers to try it themselves, further fueling interest in the category and more opportunities for a variety of associated businesses.

Trend Highlight – The Rise of Lash Fans

A look at Alibaba shows an interesting trend: Because the supply chain and tooling for many of the components is similar for lash fans and other fan products, many overseas manufacturers simply pivoted their resources and started pitching their new lash fans to an entirely new audience of beauty salons and aficionados.

Consumer products often go through a phase where they're driven by new technological possibilities, followed by a phase where the main driver is price discrimination. Mini fridges then beauty fridges, jigsaws then massage guns, zero carb bread then keto bread, among others.

And as new lash fan sellers enter the market, a clever pricing strategy is becoming more popular. In many Asian cultures, 8 is a particularly lucky number and a number of top selling lash fans are priced at $8.88 as a way to market to this audience. This works because 42% of salons in the US are owned by Asian immigrants, especially from Vietnam and China.

Lash fans are small, handheld fans used in salons and at home to speed up the drying process for nails, lashes, and other cosmetics. Historically, handheld fans in general were powered by AA batteries. As Lithium-Ion batteries have gotten smaller and cheaper—and as smartphones have made USB chargers ubiquitous—handheld fans switched to the new battery technology. This doesn't just make the fan slightly more affordable and easier to use; it actually changes who captures the economics of usage. If a fan uses replaceable batteries, high usage means more revenue for Duracell and Energizer. But when the fan's battery is rechargeable, high usage wears the battery out, so the fan has to be replaced, meaning that the recurring revenue accrues to the manufacturer.

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