Top Kitchen Trends of 2024

Here are the current kitchen trends of 2024, found using our software tool and selected based on their growth and global popularity across sites like Google, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and more. These are not fads, such as new movies or social media challenges – rather they’re long-term global kitchen trends that are likely to see continued growth throughout 2024. We’ve also included our analysis on these new emerging trends below.

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Air Fryer Liners

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Air fryer liners are sheets of silicone or parchment paper that are meant to be placed in an air fryer to prevent sticking and make cleanup easy. The silicone liners are reusable and can be washed in the dishwasher. …  Read more

Freeze Dryer

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A freeze dryer is a device that is used to freeze food and then remove the water from it. The freeze dryer is said to be a more efficient way to freeze food than traditional methods and can help to preserve the flavor and nutritional value of food. …  Read more

Uranium Glass

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Uranium glass is a type of glass that is made with uranium oxide. The glass is typically a yellow or green color and is often used in art or jewelry. Uranium glass is slighlty radioactive and glows under blacklight. …  Read more

Burger Smasher

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A burger smasher is a tool that is used to smash burgers. The tool is made of metal and has a blunt end that is used to press down on the burger, creating a thick and juicy patty. …  Read more

Beast Blender

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The Beast Blender is a high-powered blender that is designed for commercial use. The blender is said to be able to blend any type of food, including ice, and is able to withstand continuous use. …  Read more

Gozney Pizza Oven

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The Gozney Pizza Oven is a small, portable oven that is designed to cook pizza. The oven is made of ceramic and is said to cook a pizza in a minute. The oven has a rotating baking chamber that cooks the pizza from all sides, resulting in a crispy crust and evenly cooked toppings. …  Read more

Microwave Air Fryer

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A microwave air fryer is a small kitchen appliance that is designed to cook food using hot air and microwave. The appliance is said to be a healthy alternative to deep frying, as it cooks the food using less oil. …  Read more

Countertop Ice Maker

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A countertop ice maker is a small appliance that is designed to create ice cubes. The appliance is typically placed on the countertop and has a reservoir that holds water. The ice cubes are created when the water is frozen and can be used for cold drinks or in recipes. …  Read more

Single Dose Grinder

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A single dose grinder or single dosing grinder is a small grinder that is designed to grind coffee beans in a single serving size. Single dosing means pre-weighing the desired amount of coffee beans or dose. The grinder is typically made of plastic or metal and has a small grinding chamber and a blade that rotates to grind the coffee beans. The grinder is compact and easy to use, and is perfect for those who want to freshly grind their coffee beans each time they brew. …  Read more

Scrub Mommy

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Scrub Mommy is a type of sponge that is known for its scratch-free two-sided sponge and scrubber. One side scrubs off debris while the other side soaks up liquids and wipe the surface dry. …  Read more

Mini Air Fryer

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A mini air fryer is a small appliance that is used to fry food using hot air instead of oil. The appliance is said to be a healthier alternative to traditional frying, as it cooks food with a fraction of the oil. …  Read more

Mini Rice Cooker

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A mini rice cooker is a small, portable rice cooker that is designed for one or two servings of rice. The cooker is easy to use and can be taken with you on the go. …  Read more

Mini Fridge for Bedroom

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A mini fridge for bedroom is a small refrigerator that is designed to be placed in a bedroom. The fridge is typically small enough to fit under a bed or on a shelf and is meant to store food and drinks. …  Read more

Trend Highlight – Why Stove Top Covers Were Such a Hit

The pandemic has accelerated an already growing scrounge for more space in cities: consumers can be seen talking online about how stove top covers let them buy additional hundreds of square inches in their confined city apartments. These boards go over a stove top when not in use, yielding more food prep surface, and have been popping up on Etsy and more recently on Amazon.


While Amazon is usually dominant for kitchen gadgets, Etsy is leading in sales of stove top covers. One reason is that they sometimes have to be customized to fit each stove’s dimensions, and Etsy specializes in customization while Amazon is for mass-production with a variety of product specifications. But as the product gets more popular, mass production for Amazon scale becomes more feasible.


While the pandemic has moved parts of the world ten years into the future, in fields like video conferencing and ecommerce, others have gone the opposite way. More people are spending time at home, more households are suddenly multi-generational, and suddenly and more than ever before, space is at a premium.


Google NGram Search shows that mentions of “stove board,” an older term for the same product, were high from the 1870s through the 1920s; suburbanization and the rise of kitchen appliances after this period made space less of an issue for a while. Today, the urbanization process is almost complete (82% of the US population is considered urban, up from 73% five decades ago), but sudden population shifts show people that small amounts of space can make a big difference.

Trend Highlight – The Rise of Sink Mats

After years in the limelight, data reveals that yoga is on the decline. This has forced yoga-related companies to retool: many yoga mats suppliers have pivoted to focus on using the same materials for different purposes.


From kneeling pads for gardening to sink mats for backsplash protection, yoga mat production infrastructure is being revitalized. One of the top-selling sink mats on Amazon, in fact, is from a supplier that started off selling yoga mats. Several reviews even comment that the product seems like it’s just a yoga mat cut to fit around a kitchen faucet.


The purpose of these mats is to protect the (sometimes wooden) countertop around the sink from water buildup over time. Of all the rooms in a house, renovating the kitchen has the highest ROI on resale value. In part because of this, Kitchens are the most renovated room in the house.

Trend Highlight – Why Freeze Dryers Are Trending

Freeze dryers historically had two main markets: food manufacturers and Mormons.


Mormon doctrine encourages keeping a year's worth of food supplies on hand at all times, and freeze drying reduces the weight and size of food while making perishables last 25-30 years. More broadly, the preparedness industry was accelerated by the pandemic and supply-chain issues this year have only increased concerns.


For a kitchen gadget, freeze dryers represent a hefty investment, running at $2,000-$3,500 apiece. But amortizing that over the cost of a year's worth of food makes the price look lower. They also help avoid waste, since freeze-dried food takes decades to spoil. And the process preserves most of the nutritional value, while dehydration reduces it by 5% and canning by 60-80%.


Freeze drying is becoming more popular though among the typical consumer. Since it removes water from foods, it makes fruits much more sugary. Buyers like the taste and companies that sell foods like cereal like the fact that they can say “no sugar added” even though the product tastes much sweeter than it otherwise would with the water content diluting the flavor. They're also popular as a way to make homemade dog food, and as a way to dry cannabis while preserving its potency.


Today, there's one major consumer-facing brand of freeze dryers, Harvest Right, which sells direct online and through some retail stores. On Alibaba, freeze dryers are available for as little as $500 per unit for bulk orders, indicating that there’s room for new brands to profitably enter the space.

Trend Highlight – Why Sheet Pans Are So Popular

Cookware is usually designed to be utilitarian first and photogenic second (if at all), but some kitchen-focused product companies have launched products built for a world where the biggest audience a meal gets is on Instagram, not at the table. Cooking has always been a social activity: among other things, it's a way to show off to the people you're cooking for. With more people stuck at home, the nature of this signaling has changed, and now cooking is a way to show off virtually to the people you aren't cooking for.

Because sheet pans allow consumers to cook a meal in a single dish, they get the highest social media clout per minute of prep/cleaning time: a single dish to both photograph and clean.

And when it comes to photographing a meal, sheet pans' rectangular shape maximizes the amount of food in the frame, given Instagram's aspect ratio. In a similar way, restaurants, too, have adapted over the years: some switched from round plates to square ones to fit in with Instagram's format, which was square-only until mid-2015.

As with other kitchen trends, sheet pans' popularity has led to a positive feedback loop, with more recipes leading to more sheet pan usage and vice-versa. Some sellers have even launched sheet pans in vibrant colors, not only as a way to differentiate from competitors but also because it's a high contrast way to highlight a dish, since very few foods are blue, for example. Meanwhile, others are pitching other differentiating features like warp-free sheet pans, addressing the most common complaints of the previous generation of the product.

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