Top Construction Trends of 2023 & 2022

Our hand-picked collection of the top construction trends of 2023 & 2022. The topics in this report on today’s emerging construction trends are selected for their high growth across sites including Google, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon. Read more about how we track global trends.

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Akupanel is an acoustic panel made of wood that provides good sound absorption and is also used as a slat wall decoration. …  Read more


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WoodUpp is a Danish company that specializes in the manufacture of wooden slat walls and acoustic panels. The company is known for its Akupanels which have acoustic features designed to remove reverberation and improve the sound environment within rooms. Installing the wooden panels is also designed to be a DIY-project for its ease of installation. …  Read more

Pole Wrap

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Pole Wrap is a type of decorative wood that is meant to be wrapped around existing support poles or columns. The pole wrap is designed to cover basement poles with an accent design. …  Read more

Fluted Panels

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Fluted panels are a type of architectural panel that are characterized by their wavy or scalloped edges. The panels are often used to add visual interest and texture to a building facade. …  Read more

Fluted Glass

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Fluted glass is a type of glass pattern that is characterized by a ribbed or waved design. This type of glass is often used in interior design such as in fluted glass doors, ribbed glass partitions, decorations, and lighting. …  Read more

Slat Wall

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Slat wall is a type of wall system that is made up of thin, vertical strips of wood, plastic, or metal. The strips are typically mounted on a wall and can be used to hang objects from, creating a customizable and organized storage solution. …  Read more

TV Panel Design

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TV panel design is the design of the panels that are used in TV wall units. Panel design has become more important in recent years as screens have gotten thinner and image quality has become more important. …  Read more

Solar Panel Installation

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Solar panel installation is the process of installing solar panels on a property to convert solar energy into electrical energy. Solar panel installation can be done on a home or business and can be a DIY project or handled by a professional. …  Read more

Barndominium Builders

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Barndominium builders are companies that specialize in the design and construction of barndominiums, which are homes that combine the features of a barn and a condo. These builders can help you create a custom barndominium that fits your specific needs and desires. …  Read more

MDF Panelling

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MDF Panelling is a type of wall panelling that is made from medium-density fiberboard. The panels are designed to be durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to install. They are often used in bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where moisture may be a problem. …  Read more

SPC Flooring

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SPC flooring is a type of flooring that is made from recycled plastic. The flooring is said to be durable, water-resistant, and easy to clean. It is also said to be a green product as it is made from recycled materials. …  Read more

Barndominium Kits

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A barndominium kit is a kit that is designed to help people build their own barndominium. The kit includes all of the materials and instructions needed to build the structure. …  Read more

Trend Highlight – Pollution-absorbing Paint

Some companies experiment with marketing their brands in hotels and airports; they’re a way to get exposure to customers who will then try the brand at home. Gush paint, which sells wall paint designed to absorb pollutants, is using a similar approach: they landed a large health system as a customer, and painted many of its delivery rooms with their paint. Since the paint is pricier than other kinds, this is the kind of detail the hospital is likely to highlight to new moms—some of whom may decide they'd rather not bring their newborn home to a less-than-healthy home environment.


That’s especially powerful product placement when marketing to new parents, who are often suddenly open to lifestyle changes and spending in new categories (in Gush Paint’s home country of Singapore, births are very likely to be to new parents—the country’s fertility rate is 1.14 children per woman). Other companies have built big businesses on marketing to customers at a key point in their lives: Gillette, for example, has marketed itself by sending free razors to people on their 18th birthdays, to get them to buy blades.


Increasingly, indoor air quality is important to consumers: while the pandemic certainly raised awareness around ventilation and air filtration, even in years beforehand there was a growing drumbeat of studies and news stories about how much indoor air quality affected people's lives. Gush Paint’s product is an interesting reversal, since lead paint was historically a major source of health problems—now, paint is being used to solve them instead.


Gush Paint has raised money from property developers and construction companies, which use its product as a selling point in new and remodeled homes. This gives the real estate sector a way to tap into growing interest in health and wellness.

Trend Highlight – The rise of Barndominium Kits

Millions of rural landowners are land rich but cash poor. Any way to increase liquidity is attractive to this demographic who often inherited the land and many of whom are facing rising property taxes and stagnant earnings.


A growing number of these landowners are now finding a relatively straightforward solution as Barndomoniums take off in popularity. These metal barn-building kits let buyers build a stylish and affordable home in true IKEA fashion. And then, rather than go through the process of finding a broker and selling the property, home and all, many simply list the property on a marketplace like Airbnb.


The kits come with all the challenging parts already installed, such as plumbing and electrical. And by letting buyers customize the kit, they can also avoid a third challenging and costly aspect of building a home: hiring an architect.


Even those that don’t yet have land are taking part, amid the growth of articles with titles like “How to buy inexpensive land, build for cheap, and dominate Airbnb”.


Banrdominiums are not only much cheaper and easier than building a home from scratch, but they also sport less-obvious cost savings: Steel structures don't burn and they hold up better against tornadoes and earthquakes, leading to lower insurance rates.


And while steel companies and prefab companies capitalize on this trend, many smaller businesses are too: tens of thousands of consumers have bought guides and building plans on Amazon, created by small-time ecommerce sellers who are catching on early.


In parallel, the farming population is on the decline and rising crop yields mean that land is less important. Alternative ways to monetize land are consequently on the rise, whether through building and flipping homes, listing the homes on sites like Airbnb, or even renting out the land to campers on sites like HipCamp.

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