Top Waste Management Trends of 2022 & 2023

Our hand-picked collection of the top waste management trends of 2022. The topics in this report on today’s emerging waste management trends are selected for their high growth across sites including Google, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon. Read more about how we track global trends.

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Lomi Composter

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A Lomi Composter is a countertop composter that is designed to quickly and easily break down food waste. The composter is made of two drums that rotate around each other, shredding the food waste and mixing it with soil to create compost. Lomi Composter was founded by Jeremy Lang and Matt Bertulli in 2018. …  Read more


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Ridwell is a recycling startup that helps recycle things the right way especially items that are difficult to dispose of like batteries, electronics, light bulbs, or any item that can be reused or recycled. Ridwell was founded by Ryan Metzger, Aliya Marder, David Dawson, and Justin Gough in 2019. …  Read more


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PreZero is an international waste management service provider and recycling company promoting the circular economy and ensuring recyclable materials are turned into new products. PreZero was founded by Robert Berezansky in 2009. …  Read more

Circular Economy

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The circular economy is a model for sustainable economic growth that aims to keep resources in use for as long as possible, reduce waste, and minimize environmental impact. The model is based on the idea of the “cradle-to-cradle” philosophy, which suggests that products should be designed for reuse, recycling, and composting. …  Read more

Recycled Nylon

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Recycled nylon is a type of nylon that is made from recycled materials. The nylon is made from recycled plastic bottles, which are melted down and spun into a yarn. The yarn is then used to create fabrics, such as bags and clothing. …  Read more

Recycled Polyester

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Recycled polyester is a type of polyester that is made from recycled materials. The polyester can be made from post-consumer plastics, such as water bottles, or post-industrial waste, such as textile scraps. …  Read more

Recycled Cotton

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Recycled cotton is cotton that has been repurposed from other garments or materials. The cotton is often used in new garments or other products, such as bedding or towels. Recycled cotton is beneficial for the environment as it reduces the amount of waste that is produced. …  Read more

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