Top Workplace Trends of 2023 & 2022

Our hand-picked collection of the top workplace trends of 2023 & 2022. The topics in this report on today’s emerging workplace trends are selected for their high growth across sites including Google, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon. Read more about how we track global trends.

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Work From Anywhere

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Work from Anywhere (WFA) is a movement that encourages people to work from wherever they are most comfortable. This could be from home, a coffee shop, or a co-working space. The goal is to reduce the amount of time spent commuting and to increase productivity. …  Read more


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AppSheet is a platform that allows users to create and manage mobile apps without any coding experience. The platform allows users to design their app, add functionality, and publish it to app stores. …  Read more


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Clockify is a time tracking app that helps users to keep track of the time they spend on different tasks. The app can be used to create reports on how time is spent, track productivity, and set goals. …  Read more


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ClickUp is a project management and productivity platform that helps teams and individuals track and manage their work. The platform allows for the creation of tasks, subtasks, and projects, as well as the assignment of tasks to team members. …  Read more


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Awardco is a fast-growing Utah-based startup that offers an employee rewards and recognition platform. The platform simplifies the process of recognizing and rewarding employees and integrates with popular communication tools like Slack or Teams to boost program adoption and visibility. …  Read more

Fully Remote

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A fully remote job is a job that can be done entirely from a remote location. This can include working from home, working from a coffee shop, or working from a foreign country. A fully remote job can be appealing to workers who want more flexibility in their schedule or who want to travel more. …  Read more

Miro Board

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Miro Board is a digital whiteboard platform that is designed to help teams with the organization and presentation of ideas. The platform allows teams to collaborate online anytime and anywhere for brainstorming, planning meetings, or workshops. …  Read more

Hybrid Meeting

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A hybrid meeting is a meeting that is held in a physical location, but also includes remote participants. The hybrid meeting trend is growing in popularity as it allows for people to participate in meetings from anywhere in the world. …  Read more


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oVice is a Japan-based online collaboration platform that provides 2-D virtual spaces for remote workplaces, online events, and online classrooms. The platform allows organizations to build virtual office spaces where teams can collaborate and interact through their personal avatars. …  Read more

Freelance Visa

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A Freelance Visa is a type of visa that is designed for people who are self-employed or freelancers who want to work in a foreign country. The visa allows for people to work in a country for a set period of time and is a popular option for people who are looking to start their own business. …  Read more


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Hubstaff is a time tracking software that allows employers to track the time their employees spend on specific tasks. The software can also be used to generate invoices, track payments, and create reports. …  Read more

Fertility Benefits

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Fertility benefits are a type of employer benefit which includes anything from increasing the chances of getting pregnant to improving the health of the employee's future child. It may also include improving overall health, increasing conception rates, or improving sperm quality. …  Read more

Birthday Leave

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A birthday leave is a leave of absence that is given to an employee on their birthday. The leave can be used for any purpose, such as to celebrate the birthday or to take a vacation. …  Read more

Return To Office

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Return to office is a movement by some people to return to working in an office setting after working remotely for a period of time. Proponents of the movement argue that working in an office allows for more collaboration and creativity, while opponents argue that the remote work trend has benefits that should not be dismissed. …  Read more

Gather Town

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Gather Town is a metaverse platform that is designed to allow users to connect through videoconferencing within a custom, game-like 2-D virtual world. The platform is meant to be a place where people can come together to connect and collaborate. …  Read more

Trend Highlight – The Rapid Rise of ClickUp

In the crowded space of project management software, it's surprising to see a rapidly growing startup that has raised relatively little money and, most surprisingly, has spent practically $0 on paid marketing.


ClickUp's retention numbers are healthy too, with around 70% of the site's traffic accounted for by users logging into the tool.


The lifetime value for these tools is high given that once an influential employee or team starts using the product, the product spreads within the organization. And the more it spreads, the harder it is to switch, as employees spend time learning and much of the organization's work becomes closely tied to the software. As a result, the industry is in a race for customer acquisition. Companies like Asana, Monday, and Smartsheet spend as much as $15 for CPC search ads on phrases like "free project management software".


Competing against these companies, ClickUp has grown to over 50,000 teams purely organically. The company emphasizes that a large portion of signups are referrals.


In the first six months of 2019, ClickUp's site traffic more than doubled to 3M.

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