Top Marketing Trends of 2024

Here are the current marketing trends of 2024, found using our software tool and selected based on their growth and global popularity across sites like Google, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and more. These are not fads, such as new movies or social media challenges – rather they’re long-term global marketing trends that are likely to see continued growth throughout 2024. We’ve also included our analysis on these new emerging trends below.

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Writesonic is an AI writing tool that helps writers create better content with the help of artificial intelligence. The platform's features include an article writer, paraphrasing tool, text expander, product description generator, and landing page generator. …  Read more


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Descript is an all-in-one video and audio editing software that's used for podcasting, video editing, screen recording, and transcription. The platform lets users easily edit audio by editing the text or transcript instead of the waveforms. …  Read more

TikTok Promotion

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TikTok promotion is the process of using the TikTok app to promote a business or product. TikTok is a social media app that is designed for short videos, and businesses can use the app to create short videos that promote their product or service. …  Read more


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CapCut is a free and easy-to-use video editing tool for video creators. The platform allows users to easily create videos with its features like text-to-speech, trendy music, effects & filters, sound effects, text overlay, and subtitles. …  Read more

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Past Year Change is an AI-powered collaboration tool that is designed to help users with their work. The bot is able to record, organize, and transcribe meeting notes, making it easier for teams to work together and users to find the information they need. …  Read more

DaVinci Resolve

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DaVinci Resolve is a video editing software that is used for professional and personal use. The software is known for its powerful color correction and editing tools. …  Read more

TikTok For Business

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TikTok For Business is a platform that allows businesses to create and share short videos with their followers. The platform allows businesses to connect with their customers and promote their products and services on TikTok. …  Read more


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Webflow is a web design platform that allows users to create custom websites without any coding experience. The platform offers a variety of templates and tools that allow users to create and customize their website exactly how they want. …  Read more

Anytime Mailbox

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Anytime Mailbox is a virtual mailbox platform and service that allows access to your mail 24/7, 365 days a year. The virtual mailbox can be used to receive mail and packages from any sender and allows users to view and manage their mail online. …  Read more

VTuber Model

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A VTuber model or also known as virtual YouTuber is a character that is created in a 3D program. Due to their popularity, brands are using VTuber models as a method of marketing or bringing attention to a product or service. …  Read more

Headless CMS

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A Headless CMS is a content management system that does not require a graphical interface. All content is stored and managed in a backend, and users can access it through a REST API. This allows for easy content management and scalability. …  Read more

First Party Data

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First party data is data that is collected by a company about its own customers. This data is often used to target ads and create customer profiles. First party data is considered to be more reliable and valuable than data collected by third parties. …  Read more


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AllMyLinks is a platform that allows users to create a customized link directory. The site is free to use and allows users to create an AllMyLinks profile and add all links to their blog, website, or social media profiles. …  Read more

Trend Highlight – The Rise of Proximity-Based Marketing

Apple’s AirDrop is a growing communication tool for Gen Z. As schools increasingly introduce social media bans, and teens increasingly own their own phones, AirDrop culture has gone mainstream.

During classes or assemblies, teens often airdrop reactions to what the teacher is saying. It’s a proximity-based chat room, in essence.

Local marketers are using it too. The ESPN marketing team recently went around New York City during the NBA finals and AirDropped promotional images to people around the city. One promotion, targeting people sitting on benches, read “Enjoying a rest on the bench? LeBron isn’t”.

As Airdrop culture flourishes, many non-iPhone users are feeling left behind, so services like SnapDrop have sprung up to meet demand.

And while AirDrop is a relatively new technology, some age-old data transfer methods are still widely used. Many hospitals still use pagers rather than phones because cell service isn’t reliable within the concrete confines, often built extra thick to keep x-rays and other transmissions compartmentalized.

As well, large data transfers are sometimes done by literally shipping the data. Amazon AWS has a service called AWS snowmobile that ships data stored on hard drives in ruggedized 45-foot-long containers that are pulled by semi-trailers. When there’s that much data, it’s far faster to physically ship than to send over the internet.

Trend Highlight – SMM Panel: Why Fake Social Media Engagements Are On The Rise

SMM panels, tools for buying fake social media engagement, are on the rise for surprising reasons.

To be clear, the direct economic value of this activity is negligible—since the followers are fake and don't spend money. It turns out that it's not brands who are buying these services most, but the freelancers they hire. As marketing work is increasingly outsourced to freelancers through sites like Fiverr and Upwork, these superficial engagement boosts are a scalable way for freelancers to reduce their costs while still hitting the engagement metrics set by their clients.

Today, a freelancer in the business of writing witty tweets and clever Instagram captions in order to attract followers is competing with people who can promise the same number of followers, and get them at a fraction of the cost through SMM panels. When success metrics are chosen poorly, software can undercut services, even though the output is lower-quality behind the curtain. This shows up in adjacent domains: article spinners can undercut copywriters on a price-per-word basis, although the results are poor; "traffic" is available in arbitrary quantities through botnets; positive reviews can also be bought at scale, though they often face removal.

What keeps the market alive is that many users are first-time buyers, who don't know what result they should be paying for. As local businesses are forced to move online due to Covid-19, more small business owners are paying up for marketing that's ultimately funneled to SMM panel providers, and getting the result they asked for instead of the result they wanted.

Trend Highlight – Direct Mail Marketing Is Making A Comeback

Today's professionals are overwhelmed by digital noise — so much so that old-fashioned snail mail is making a comeback as a channel of choice for those who want to make an impression.

For marketing and sales teams, gifting and direct mail have always been important tools of the trade, but the logistics behind them has remained stubbornly inefficient, and few companies have the resources to track the effectiveness of any given campaign. Sendoso, a B2B startup, is trying to bring the channel into the modern, metrics-driven era with a centralized platform that allows workers to send and track handwritten notes, flowers, gifts, swag, and more.

Despite how challenging it has historically been for companies to measure their return on investment, the market for non-cash business gifts is worth an estimated $125 billion. Sendoso's tools allow companies to set budgets and deliver custom campaigns without wasting time on tasks like shopping, packing, or shipping — and still ensure their message doesn't get lost in a crowded inbox.

It's yet more proof that what's old is new again in marketing. For more, look to the success of digital billboards, which are revitalizing a centuries-old ad medium with the help of targeting data.

Trend Highlight – Why Privacy-Focused Email Service Providers Are On The Rise

Protonmail is a free email service, based in Switzerland, focused on end-to-end privacy. Consumers value privacy in the abstract, but usually choose convenience over privacy when there's a tradeoff. The Swiss location helps with this branding (and helps them deliver on the pitch): like a Swiss bank account, Protonmail aspires to be the classy, reliable way to keep a secret.

Email providers have built-in word-of-mouth marketing because the brand shows up in the "from" field. Email providers have some signaling value for users: when Gmail was invite-only, a Gmail address implied that the user was at least moderately sophisticated; today, an address implies less technical savvy.

The privacy-convenience tradeoff has always been a challenge for privacy-focused apps. There's a direct tradeoff: to use a privacy-focused app, users need to spend more time on setup and lose some features. There's an indirect tradeoff as well: the companies that monetize email and messaging do so by sharing data with other applications. Gmail, for example, encourages users to stay logged-in on every device they use, allowing Google to link searches to a specific user across multiple devices. Because of this, mild privacy violations cross-subsidize product development for apps that leak user data.

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