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What is Pretty Litter?

Pretty Litter is a type of cat litter that is made from silica gel and is said to be non-clumping and odor-free. The litter comes with a proprietary health monitoring technology and changes colors to indicate potential or underlying health issues in cats. For example, a yellow to orange color would mean an acidic urine which could be an early sign of kidney disease or UTI.

How fast is Pretty Litter growing in popularity?

Interest in Pretty Litter grew 14% over the past year, compared to the year before, putting it at a current volume of 20K searches per month, as of last month.

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Channel Breakdown

Pretty Litter is talked about more on TikTok than any other social media channel. This could be because the channel is geared towards a younger demographic who are more likely to be early adopters of new products.

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