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Mochi Donut

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What is a Mochi Donut?

Mochi Donuts are a Japanese-inspired pastry that is made from a soft, doughy mochi rice cake that is deep-fried and coated in a sweet glaze. The donuts are then topped with various flavors and textures, such as sprinkles, nuts, and chocolate.

How fast are Mochi Donuts growing in popularity?

Interest in Mochi Donut grew 30% over the past year, compared to the year before, putting it at a current volume of 11K searches per month, as of last month.

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Channel Breakdown

Mochi donuts are predominantly talked about on TikTok, where there is a high level of engagement with users. This could be due to the visual nature of the dessert and the fact that users can post videos of their own mochi donuts creations.