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What is RhinoShield?

RhinoShield is a phone case brand that offers phone cases designed to protect the device from scratches and drops. The case is made from a tough polycarbonate material and features a raised bezel to protect the screen. The company is known for its commitment to sustainability by using packaging printed with soy ink and made with 100% recyclable paper.

How fast is RhinoShield growing in popularity?

Interest in RhinoShield grew -7% over the past year, compared to the year before, putting it at a current volume of 145K searches per month, as of last month.

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Channel Breakdown

RhinoShield is talked about more on TikTok than other social media platforms. This may be due to the fact that TikTok is a more visual platform, and RhinoShield's product is a phone case that protect users' noses from smudges and scratches.

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