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What is Roblox coding?

Roblox coding is the process of using the Roblox programming language to create games, worlds, and other objects for the Roblox platform. The language is based on Lua, and can be used to create a wide variety of objects. While not all users need to code, it is a skill that is becoming increasingly important for those looking to create and design in the Roblox world.

How fast is Roblox coding growing in popularity?

Interest in Roblox Coding grew 28% over the past year, compared to the year before, putting it at a current volume of 5.1K searches per month, as of last month.

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Channel Breakdown

Roblox coding is talked about more on TikTok than any other channel. This may be because TikTok is more popular with a younger demographic, and Roblox coding is a popular activity among young people.