Waterproof Tote Bag

Waterproof Tote Bag


What is a waterproof tote bag?

A waterproof tote bag is a bag that is made out of a water resistant material and is meant to be used for carrying items while outside in the rain or at the beach. The bag is typically spacious enough to fit a number of items and is often equipped with a number of pockets.

How fast are waterproof tote bags growing in popularity?

与前一年相比,过去一年对 Waterproof Tote Bag 的兴趣增长了 56%,截至上个月,目前每月搜索量为 2K。



Waterproof tote bags are most popular on LinkedIn, where users are already talking mostly about work-related products. They are also popular on TikTok, where users are more likely to be engaged in leisure activities.