TikTok Ideas for DJs

DJing on TikTok is huge and growing

In total, searches on TikTok related to DJs reached 381,000 monthly searches, as of last month, and is growing quickly! Use the Glimpse TikTok tool to see what specific questions and keywords users are searching so you can get in front of them. Views, too, are significant. As of December 2022, views for 'djs', 'dj life', and 'djing' total to 6.8 billion.


1. Answer the most-searched questions about DJs on TikTok. Hundreds of millions of people search TikTok each month. Get your content in front of them by using their questions in your video's description and as the spoken hook in the first 3 seconds of the video. For more on TikTok SEO / ranking strategy, see our full guide here.

TikTok Search Query (Questions)Number of Monthly Searches
What djs actually do?500+
What djs are actually doing?500+
What djs see?500+
What djs hate?500+
What djs use for music?500+
What djs shouldn't do?500+
When djs remix?500+
When djs take too long?500+
When djs drop?500+
When djs are in their feelings?500+
Where djs get music?500+
Where djs get their drops?500+
Where djs get old school music?500+
Why djs should do edits?500+
Why djs play music in club?500+
Why djs use mobile storage?500+
Why djs have two laptops?500+
Why djs dont take requests?500+
Should djs play entire track?500+
Are djs performing live sets?500+
Can djs make beats?500+

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2. Make local content about DJs. Lots of users search their local city, here are just a few examples:

TikTok Search Query (Questions)Number of Monthly Searches
Djs in chicago?500+
Djs in ct?500+
Djs in california?500+
Djs in atlanta ga?500+
Djs in austin tx?500+
Djs in los angeles?500+
Djs near me?500+
Djs in atlanta?500+
Djs in florida?500+
Djs near dfw area?500+
Djs near lynwood?500+
Djs near sacramento?500+
Djs near austin texas?500+

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3. A day in the life of a DJ

Share a day in the life of a DJ: from setting up turntables and speakers, to mixing and playing tracks, to interacting with the crowd and creating a unique atmosphere. This video would give viewers an up-close look at what it takes to be a successful DJ, and could potentially inspire aspiring DJs to pursue their dreams.

4. What goes into planning a setlist

This TikTok video would give viewers an inside look at what goes into creating a setlist. It could show the different elements, like song selection, order, and pacing, that go into crafting an unforgettable show. People who watch this video will gain insight into the creative process of DJing and performing live.

5. Beginner tips for DJs

This video would be a great way to introduce viewers to the basics of DJing. From buying the right equipment to learning the basics of mixing, the video could provide viewers with the information they need to start learning and practicing the art of DJing. It could even include interviews with professional DJs and tips from experienced DJs on how to make it in the music industry.

6. Breakdown of a classic dance track

Show a breakdown of the elements of a classic dance track. Showcase the different instruments and sounds used to create the song, as well as the various techniques used to mix them together. Offer an educational and entertaining look at how the track is composed, from the instruments to synthesizers and other effects, to the breakdown and looping of the track. This would be a great way to educate viewers about the basics of music production and educate them about DJing.

7. DJ equipment and software recommendations

This video could be useful to aspiring DJs who want to know what kind of equipment and software they should use to get started. It could feature a professional DJ discussing their favorite gear and software, and offer tips on how to use them to create great mixes and tracks. It could also include a demonstration of how the gear works, as well as a recommended budget for getting started.

8. How to beatmatch

Beatmatching is an essential skill for any aspiring DJ, but it can be intimidating if you’ve never tried it before. This video will teach viewers how to properly beatmatch two tracks, and provide tips and tricks on how to do it quickly and accurately. Teach viewers how to match the tempo and beats of two songs, as well as how to transition between them smoothly. It would be a great resource for aspiring DJs, and even experienced DJs who want to brush up on their mixing skills.

9. How to mix music

Mixing music is an art form, and it can be a challenge to learn. A video showing how to mix music could be a great resource for aspiring producers and DJs. Provide a step-by-step guide to mixing, from setting up the equipment to applying various techniques like EQ and compression. It could also provide tips on creating unique and interesting sounds.  This is a great idea for music producers or those interested in learning how to mix music.

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