TikTok Ideas for Football Players

In total, searches on TikTok related to football players reached 8,599,500 monthly searches, as of last month, and is growing quickly! Use the Glimpse TikTok tool to see what specific questions and keywords users are searching so you can get in front of them. Views, too, are significant. As of December 2022, views for 'football players', 'footballer', and 'football life' total to 4.4 billion.


1. Answer the most-searched questions about football players on TikTok. Hundreds of millions of people search TikTok each month. Get your content in front of them by using their questions in your video's description and as the spoken hook in the first 3 seconds of the video. For more on TikTok SEO / ranking strategy, see our full guide here.

TikTok Search Query (Questions)Number of Monthly Searches
Does football hurt?500+
Does football take skill?500+
Does football make you stronger?500+
What football players want?500+
What football taught me?500+
What football gloves to get?500+
When football was more than a game?500+
When football season is over?500+
When football ends?500+
When football starts?500+
When football season starts?500+
When football players call out their parents?500+
When football player plays basketball?500+
Where football positions are played?500+
Where football players are from?500+
Why football is the best sport?500+
Why football is a dangerous sport?500+
Why football is hard?500+
Should football players wrestle?500+
Should football players run track?500+
Should football players lift weights?500+
Should football players deadlift?500+
If football coaches were honest?500+
If football players were women?500+
If football didn't exist?500+
Are football gloves good?500+
Are football players loyal?500+
Are football games fun?500+
Are football gloves worth it?500+
Are football cards worth money?500+
Are football players attractive?500+
Which football player are you?500+
Which football player would you pick?500+
Which football team are you?500+
Which football helmet you choose?500+
Can football players be fat?500+

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2. Make local content about football players. Lots of users search their local city, here are just a few examples:

TikTok Search Query (Questions)Number of Monthly Searches
Football in ohio?500+
Football near me?500+

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3. A day in the life of a football player

Share a day in the life of a football player: from workouts and rigorous training regimes, to diet and nutrition plans, to practice and game day routines. Seeing a pro athlete's routine is always inspiring and motivating, and it's a great way to give football fans an inside look at the life of a professional football player.

4. Game highlights

Capture the most thrilling plays and biggest moments of a game, and share them with your audience. Highlight some of the best plays, most exciting moments, and biggest wins of a game or season. This type of video will draw in viewers and fans, who will be eager to watch and relive those special moments. It’s the perfect way for sports fans to stay connected with their favorite teams, and it can help draw in more viewers to your TikTok channel.

5. Football match preparation

Share an in-depth look at the preparation that goes into a football match, from the team analyzing the opposing team’s strategies to the locker room pep talks, to the pre-game warm ups and drills. It's a great way to showcase the hard work and dedication that goes into game day.

6. Locker room celebrations

Locker room celebrations are an iconic part of sports culture. Showcase the team spirit and camaraderie in the locker room, from teammates hugging and high-fiving to the coach giving a victorious speech. It's a great way to capture the emotion and energy of a team who has just achieved a big victory. It will inspire viewers to strive for greatness and share in the joy of success.

7. Football training drills and exercises

Football players need to stay in top physical shape in order to perform at their best, and a TikTok video showing some of the drills and exercises they use to stay in tip-top shape can be a great way to inspire others to stay active and healthy. Football players’ drills and exercises are often very creative and visually appealing, and they can also be used to help viewers learn proper form and technique.

8. Football industry secrets

Football is a popular sport, and people are always interested in learning more about it. This video could be an engaging and informative look at the industry, revealing some of the secrets, strategies, and tactics that go into running a successful football team. It could also be a great way to introduce viewers to the many different roles within the football industry, such as coaches, scouts, agents, and more.

9. Football tips and tricks

Football is one of the most popular sports in the world, and there are always people looking to learn new tips and tricks to improve their game. A TikTok video featuring football tricks and tips would be great for both beginner and experienced players. It could cover topics like how to throw a perfect spiral, how to make quick cuts, and how to run faster.

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