TikTok Ideas for Healthcare Workers

In total, searches on TikTok related to healthcare workers reached 75,000 monthly searches, as of last month, and is growing quickly! Use the Glimpse TikTok tool to see what specific questions and keywords users are searching so you can get in front of them. Views, too, are significant. As of December 2022, views for 'healthcare workers', 'healthcare worker', and 'healthcare staff' total to 4.2 billion.


1. Answer the most-searched questions about healthcare workers on TikTok. Hundreds of millions of people search TikTok each month. Get your content in front of them by using their questions in your video's description and as the spoken hook in the first 3 seconds of the video. For more on TikTok SEO / ranking strategy, see our full guide here.

TikTok Search Query (Questions)Number of Monthly Searches
What healthcare workers wear?500+
What healthcare workers want from jobs?500+
What healthcare workers deal with?500+
What healthcare workers are addicted to?500+
When healthcare workers are sick?500+
When healthcare workers get stopped by police?500+
When healthcare workers get bodily fluids on them?500+
When healthcare workers fight at work?500+
Why healthcare workers are burnt out?500+
Why healthcare workers hate 3am?500+
Why healthcare workers are leaving?500+
Should healthcare workers get the flu shot?500+
If healthcare workers used tiktok terms?500+
Will healthcare workers come back without vaccine mandate?500+
Can healthcare workers eat free?500+
Can healthcare workers have piercings?500+

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2. Make local content about healthcare workers. Lots of users search their local city, here are just a few examples:

TikTok Search Query (Questions)Number of Monthly Searches
Healthcare worker in nyc?500+
Healthcare worker in hawaii?500+
Healthcare worker in chicago?500+

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3. A day in the life of a healthcare worker

Share a day in the life of a healthcare worker: from interacting with patients to managing paperwork and more. Showcase the long hours, the difficult decisions they have to make, the dedication and compassion they offer to their patients. This video could help people gain a greater appreciation for healthcare workers and the often thankless job they do.

4. The highs and lows of healthcare work

This video would provide a balanced view of the highs and lows of working in the healthcare field. It could feature interviews with healthcare workers talking about their experiences, touching on the satisfaction and fulfillment of helping people, as well as the challenges and frustrations of the job. Showcase the joys of helping patients and the frustrations of dealing with bureaucracy. It would be a great way to show potential healthcare workers the reality of the job, giving them a more accurate picture of what to expect.

5. What it’s like to work in a hospital

This video would be a great way to show people what it's like to work in a hospital. It can give an inside look at the day-to-day operations, the types of patients and cases, and some of the unique challenges healthcare workers face. It's also an important reminder of the hardworking healthcare professionals who dedicate their lives to helping others.

6. How to stay healthy while working in healthcare

Working in healthcare can be a stressful and physically demanding job. This video could provide practical tips and advice to healthcare professionals on how to maintain their own health and wellbeing while working long hours and managing the stress of their job. It could cover topics such as staying hydrated, eating well, getting enough sleep, and making time for self-care. It’s an important issue for healthcare workers, and this video could provide them with the information and motivation they need to stay healthy.

7. How to be a responsible healthcare consumer

This video would be a great way to teach viewers how to be a responsible healthcare consumer. It could cover topics like researching treatment options, understanding insurance coverage, and asking your doctor the right questions. It would help people make more informed decisions about their healthcare, and ultimately take better care of themselves.

8. Healthcare industry secrets

Give viewers an inside look at the secrets of the healthcare industry, from how doctors and nurses handle challenging situations to how insurance companies determine what treatments and medications will be covered. Educate viewers on what goes on behind closed doors in hospitals and the hidden costs of healthcare. It can help viewers understand the complexities of the healthcare system and how it affects their lives.

9. How to handle challenging patients

Health professionals such as doctors, nurses, and therapists often have to deal with difficult patients on a daily basis. This video will provide useful tips and strategies on how to stay calm, professional, and composed in these difficult situations. You could feature real-life stories and tips from experienced professionals on how to handle challenging patients, from dealing with difficult questions to managing difficult emotions. It’s an important topic that could help people in the medical field feel more prepared and confident in their work.

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