TikTok Ideas for Influencers

In total, searches on TikTok related to influencers reached 753,000 monthly searches, as of last month, and is growing quickly! Use the Glimpse TikTok tool to see what specific questions and keywords users are searching so you can get in front of them. Views, too, are significant. As of December 2022, views for 'influencers', 'influencer', and 'micro influencer' total to 24.6 billion.


1. Answer the most-searched questions about influencers on TikTok. Hundreds of millions of people search TikTok each month. Get your content in front of them by using their questions in your video's description and as the spoken hook in the first 3 seconds of the video. For more on TikTok SEO / ranking strategy, see our full guide here.

TikTok Search Query (Questions)Number of Monthly Searches
What influencers are like in real life?500+
What influencers don't show you?500+
What influencers do?500+
When influencers go live?500+
When influencers try to be relatable?500+
When influencers go wrong?500+
When influencers get paid?500+
When influencers say their job is hard?500+
Where influencers get their clothes?500+
Where influencers live?500+
Where influencers go to college?500+
Where influencers go in la?500+
Where influencers shop?500+
Why influencers are overrated?500+
Why influencers are bad?500+
Why influencers go missing?500+
Why influencers want to be singers?500+
Should influencers get a po box?500+
Should influencers share their personal lives?500+
Should influencers go to nyfw?500+
Should influencers get paid?500+
Should influencers charge sales tax?500+
Should influencers admit to plastic surgery?500+
If influencers were honest?500+
If influencers were realistic?500+
If influencers came to the uk?500+
If influencers were quirky?500+
Will influencers be broke?500+
Are influencers over?500+
Are influencers actually happy?500+
Are influencers famous?500+
Are influencers narcissist?500+
Are influencers rich?500+
Which influencers went to the white house?500+
Can influencers see my dm?500+
Can influencers resell pr?500+
Can influencers grow your instagram?500+
Can influencers delete sponsored posts?500+
Can influencers establish business credit?500+

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2. Make local content about influencers. Lots of users search their local city, here are just a few examples:

TikTok Search Query (Questions)Number of Monthly Searches
Influencers in miami?500+
Influencers in mexico?500+
Influencers in nyc?500+
Influencers near me?500+
Influencers near haddon heights nj?500+

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3. A day in the life of an influencer

Share a day in the life of a social media influencer: from shooting content and creating captions, to engaging with followers and attending events. It's a great way to let viewers in on what it really takes to be a successful influencer, and it could inspire someone to become an influencer themselves.

4. Why I became an influencer

This video would be a great way to share your personal story and provide an inside look into why you chose to become an influencer. It could include your journey to where you are today, the challenges you faced, and the lessons you learned along the way. You could also discuss the value that you bring to your followers and how you hope to inspire them.

5. How to build a brand on TikTok

Building a brand on TikTok requires a bit of strategy, and this video could provide viewers with valuable tips on how to grow their presence on the platform. It could include advice on what type of content to post, how to use hashtags and trends, and other ways to increase engagement. This type of tutorial could be very helpful for businesses or influencers looking to make a name for themselves on the platform.

6. How to start your own influencer career

Many people are drawn to the glamorous life of an influencer, but they don't know where to start. This video could show people how to get started in influencer marketing, from researching your niche and creating content to building a following and connecting with brands. It's a great way to demystify the influencer life and provide practical advice for those who want to pursue it.

7. How to grow your following

This video would be great for anyone looking to increase their following on social media. It could cover topics such as creating engaging content, connecting with other influencers, using hashtags, using stories, and more. It would be a great way to help users understand the basics of social media marketing and help them build their online presence.

8. Influencer industry secrets

Share influencer industry secrets and tips for success. This could include advice on how to build an audience, how to create content that resonates with viewers, how to reach more followers, and how to monetize your content. It’s a great way to give people an inside look into the influencer industry and gain a better understanding of the industry.

9. How to get influencer sponsorships

This video idea can help aspiring influencers learn the steps and strategies necessary to get sponsorships from brands and companies. It’ll help them understand the different types of sponsorships, how to pitch to brands, and what to look for when evaluating potential sponsorships. It’ll also provide a great resource to influencers looking for new opportunities.

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