Top Electric Car Startup Trends of 2023 & 2022

Our hand-picked collection of the top electric car startup trends of 2023 & 2022. The topics in this report on today’s emerging electric car startup trends are selected for their high growth across sites including Google, TikTok, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon. Read more about how we track global trends.

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Lynk and Co

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Lynk and Co is a Swedish car company that offers hybrid cars with 69 km pure electric range (called Lynk & Co 01). Aside from buying a brand new 01, the company also offers month-to-month subscription and car sharing where users can lend and borrow cars from other members with insurance and maintenance included. …  Read more


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ZEEKR is a high-end electric vehicle (EV) brand launched in 2021 and is owned by Geely Automobile Holdings. The brand is targeting a fast-growing Chinese demand of premium EVs, especially among Gen Z - where the brand got its name from combining the letter Z (for Gen Z) and the word "geek". …  Read more


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Leapmotor is a Chinese electric vehicle startup that designs and manufactures pure electric cars targeting the lower and middle-end mass market. The electric vehicles are said to be more efficient and more affordable than traditional electric vehicles. …  Read more

Euler Motors

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Euler Motors is an India-based electric vehicle startup that designs and manufactures 3-wheel electric vehicles for last-mile logistics and transportation. The company also offers EV charging and telematics solutions. …  Read more

Electrify America

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Electrify America is a company that is working to bring electric vehicle charging infrastructure to the United States. The company was founded as a result of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal and has a goal of installing 2,000 charging stations in 17 metropolitan areas. …  Read more


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Motional is an autonomous vehicle (AV) startup that offers an all-electric AV called IONIQ 5 Robotaxi for autonomous ride-hailing and autonomous delivery. The company also offers a large-scale public dataset for autonomous driving. …  Read more


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Polestar is a Swedish automotive company that manufactures electric cars. The company produces a range of electric cars and SUVs. Polestar is owned by Volvo Cars, which is a subsidiary of Geely Holding Group. …  Read more


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Aiways is a Chinese electric car company that is focused on creating sustainable transportation. The company designs and manufactures electric cars and SUVs. …  Read more


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Ionity is a European charging network for electric vehicles. The network consists of over 400 high-power charging stations that are spaced evenly throughout the continent. The stations are able to provide up to 350 kW of power, which can charge a vehicle in as little as 20 minutes. …  Read more

Pod Point

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Pod Point is a UK-based provider of electric vehicle charging points. The company manufactures and installs a variety of charging points for electric vehicles, including home charging points, public charging points, and rapid charging points. …  Read more

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