Top Proptech Startup Trends (September 2023)

Here are the current proptech startup trends of 2023 and 2024, found using our software tool and selected based on their growth and global popularity across sites like Google, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and more. These are not fads, such as new movies or social media challenges – rather they’re long-term global proptech startup trends that are likely to see continued growth throughout 2023 and into 2024. We’ve also included our analysis on these new emerging trends below.

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Housecall Pro

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Housecall Pro is a business management platform for home service professionals from cleaners and electricians to plumbers and HVAC installers. The app allows users to manage their appointments, invoices, and payments, as well as track their business analytics. …  Read more


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PadSplit is an online marketplace startup connecting property owners who have unused space to residents looking for affordable housing. Residents rent private furnished rooms for an affordable weekly price. PadSplit was founded by Atticus LeBlanc and Frank Furman in 2017. …  Read more


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Clikalia is a Spanish proptech startup and iBuyer (or instant buyer) that uses technology to digitize the home selling process and transform the customer experience. The company is known for its propriety technology and digital marketplace, where sellers get offers on their property within 24 hours. …  Read more


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ServiceTitan is a cloud-based software company that specializes in providing service management software to businesses in the home services industry. ServiceTitan was founded in 2013 by Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan and is headquartered in Glendale, California. …  Read more


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Pinhome is an Indonesia proptech startup that offers a platform that streamlines the experience for buying, selling, and renting properties. The platform's features includes property management, residential and commercial real estate listings, and home services. …  Read more


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PropStream is a US-based digital platform for real estate investing and real estate data provider. The platforms provides tools and data for real estate investors, from cash flow reports to comparative market analysis. …  Read more

Mynd Property Management

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Mynd is a US-based proptech startup and property management company that offers a digital platform for finding, buying and managing singe-family rental properties. The company also offers a variety of services such as full-service property management, institutional services, insurance, and more. …  Read more

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    Pickleball Shoes
    Rotating Car Seat

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